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FedEx is an American Multinational logistic and delivery service provider, with its headquarters in Memphis Tennessee. The term ‘FedEx’ came from the company’s original name, Federal Express. This term was used initially from 1970s to 2000. Founded in 1971 by a graduate of Yale Business School, Frederick W. Smith, the company saw a rapid growth by the year of 1983.

FedEx is famous for its overnight shipping services and innovating new methods and ideas to track packages real-time and also provide the latest updates to the customers on their package location. This feature was later implemented by most other logistic and courier service providers. FedEx is also one of the topmost contractor for the government of US.


Take advantage of our services and solutions that are designed to meet all of your shipping requirements. FedEx offers you a wide range of services through various transport ways.

  • International Shipment: with FedEx, you can easily import or export anything be it personal or commercial. We focus on making the entire experience straight forward, clear, and simple by providing online services, shipping, tracking and other services to all its customers. With keeping abreast of all the latest rules and regulations, duties and taxes.
  • Special handling options: getting your shipment wherever it needs to go is one thing. Getting it there precisely in the particular way you want is another. That’s the reason we provide a range of options for special circumstances and shipments.

Items prohibited to ship with FedEx :

Certain items cannot be shipped, imported and/or exported due to some regulatory, hazard, safety or other reasons. Transactions involving these commodities are strictly prohibited, regardless of origin or destination. For example: explosives, weapons, animals, illegal items, etc.

How TheCouriersDesk is connected with FedEx Courier Services?

The best delivery can only be conducted when you are connected with the best network in the industry. FedEx, the most reliable provider in the logistics and courier market as one of the best service provider. We are proud to be affiliated with the FedEx for the services and delivery. It is our network to ship your parcel or document safely no matter where is its destination or what is it. We and FedEx together are associated towards the guarantee of quality services.

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