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We not only focus on serving our customers but we also keep a track of problems or queries that our customers face to make their experience better. Here we have answers to a bunch of frequently asked questions for your convenience.

Support :

Q1. To what all locations can I deliver my parcel through TheCouriersDesk?

We can help you deliver your parcel to any part of the world.

Q2. Which carriers are you affiliated with?

We are affiliated with one of the world’s best carriers including DHL, FedEX, and TNT depending on the destination and nature of parcel and delivery.

Q3. Do TheCouriersDesk offer option between air or sea freight?

Yes, you can choose to get a quote from TheCouriersDesk and can choose the way you want.

Q4. Do you provide insurance?

Yes, insurance is available but only on special request by the customers on extra charge.

Q5. What is actual, volumetric, or chargeable weight?

Every shipment is charged at chargeable weight, which is higher of actual weight and volumetric weight. For example if actual weight of your package is 5 Kg and dimensional weight is 10 Kg, chargeable weight of shipment will be 10 Kg

Q6. What is approximate transit time via Air shipping?

You can choose between economy and express services. Economy services take 8-12 business days and express take 3-4 business days to deliver.

Q7. Do you provide doorstep pick up for free?

Yes, you won’t be charges for doorstep pick-up.


Q1. What all payment options do I have?

Q2. Do I need to pay extra for any kind of service?

Q3 How much will I be charged for the custom duties?

Pick-up and Collection:

Q1. Can you pick-up and drop my parcel on the same day?

Yes, this is possible but at certain locations and if you choose express delivery.

Q2. Can I choose the pick-up date?

Yes, you can choose the pick-up or collection date in advance.

Q3. What if my parcel was not picked-up on the given date or time?

You can straight away call us regarding this issue, and we will try to sort it out ASAP.

Tracking :

Q1. Do you provide tracking services?

Yes, you can track your parcel as soon as your shipment is picked-up and booked by our representative you will be provided with a shippers copy and a tracking number.

Q2. How can I track my order?

You will have to put the tracking number on the site that you received with the shippers copy.

Q3. What happens if I cannot trace my parcel?

This is a rare case with us; you can contact us through mail or toll-free number in any of such case.

Packaging :

Q1. Do you provide packaging services?

Yes, we provide packaging services to some locations. Check yours by calling us on our toll-free number.

Q2. How to pack my parcel perfectly?

All your parcels should be packed carefully with bubble wrap and styrofam to make it shock resistant.

Q3. Do I need to retain the damaged shipment for which I need to submit claim?

Yes. The insurance company may need the shipment for inspection.

Shipping :

Q1. Are there any restrictions to the type of goods I can send with TheCouriersDesk?

Yes, there are. Please check our site to know what all you can get delivered through TheCouriersDesk.

Q2. Are there any restrictions on the number of parcels I send?

No, there are no restrictions on the quantity of the parcels.

Q3. What is the difference between Pallet and Parcel?

You can choose Parcel if your shipment is in carton box packaging. Use Pallet if your item has an undercarriage of plastic, wood, or metal.

Q4. How is my shipment handled in transit?

Your shipment is one of the 10,000 shipments per hour. And we keep all of them safe and sound. Obviously, your shipment won’t get delivered from Y to Z. it will go through different vans, transits, etc.

Q5. Can I ship more parcels than I have declared online?

Yes, you can. You just need to inform us immediately.
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