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After a huge growth of E-commerce in Asian countries, DPEX is ranked and poised to be the leading total service and solution provider in the region. Formally DPEX Worldwide. With the huge potential growth of E-Commerce in Asia, DPEX Worldwide is positioned and poised to be the leading total solutions provider in the region. It is an Express and E-commerce service provider company in Asia. The history of this company is dated 30 years back and has a comprehensive network that spans the region.

The experts at DPEX have intensive knowledge to serve throughout the Asian region. Popular for their motto “Knowing Asia Delivering Asia”. they serve from Asia to the world, through our global partners in all the other regions.

Services Offered by DPEX

We have services that might suit each and every customer. DPEX works for and in favor of satisfaction of the customers. We offer free pick-up, and safety of your products until it reaches its destination. Services like:

  • Express Services
  • Domestic Services
  • Dangerous Goods Service
  • Import and Export Services
  • Time-Critical Services
  • Print Distribution service
  • Returns Management Services
  • Fulfillment Service

How TheCouriersDesk is connected with DPEX?

The best delivery can only be conducted when you are connected with the best network in the industry. DPEX is not only one of the leading service provider in Asia but it has also made its place in the global logistic market. We are proud to be affiliated with the DPEX for the services and delivery. It is our network to ship your parcel or document safely no matter where is its destination or what is it. We and DPEX together are associated towards the guarantee of quality services.

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