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An international parcel service provider, DPD Group that offers delivery for sorter compatible products that weighs under 30 kg and delivers almost 5.3 million parcels worldwide every day. DPD, Chronopost, Seur and BRT are its brands while the company is located in France and manages to operate mainly in the express road-based market.

The services of this company is available in Europe, Asia, South Africa, India, Brazil and various other regions worldwide, either directly or through partnerships. Owned by La Poste, DPD Group is operated by the French state-owned postal service.

Services Offered by DPD Group

Apart from premium services like free pick-up, on-time delivery, and other. We have some more services like mentioned below:

Precise service is actually a flexible and full-featured service that allows consumers to choose their preferred date of delivery slot from the list available.

Choose your one-hour delivery slot

  • The consumer can choose the most convenient date and one hour time before they close their order
  • Consumers can also choose among various delivery time slots. Selecting the green slot allows receivers to choose a time when the driver is normally in the area.
  • Precise service feature is reliable and compatible, giving control to consignees to manage their deliveries even after confirmed booking

How TheCouriersDesk is connected with DPD Group?

The best delivery can only be conducted when you are connected with the best network in the industry. DPD Groups is a global logistic company with a huge out reach across the world. We are proud to be affiliated with the DPD Group for the services and delivery. It is our network to ship your parcel or document safely no matter where is its destination or what is it. We and DPD Group together are associated towards the guarantee of quality services.

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