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Arame, an international logistic, express, and mail delivery services company, which is based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Aramex was founded in 1982 by Fadi Ghandour and Bill Kingson. Being the first Arab-based logistic company to be listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange, Aramex is also listed on the Dubai Financial Market. There are almost 13,800 employees in 54 countries in aramex with a network including 40 independent express companies.

Services offered by Aramex

Providing premium services for all personal, business, commercial, and household logistic services. Aramex provides cargo and logistic delivery through Air freight, Sea Freight, and other possible means. Let’s talk about the products and items that can be shipped via Aramex. We offer services for:

  • E-commerce
  • Logistics
  • Small Business Solutions
  • Developers Solutions Center
  • Drop and Ship
  • Shop & Ship
  • Information Management

How TheCouriersDesk is connected with Aramex Courier Services?

The best delivery can only be conducted when you are connected with the best network in the industry. Aramex, the best one in the United Emirates and on the list of top logistic service provider is included in our network chain. We are proud to be affiliated with the Aramex for the services and delivery. It is our network to ship your parcel or document safely no matter where is its destination or what is it. We and Aramex together are associated towards the guarantee of quality services.

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